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Recycled Material


Plastic waste across the world
Across the globe we are producing 300 million tons of plastic every year. It is believed half of this is for single use only. You may be thinking where does all of this plastic go? Approximately 9% is recycled, the rest is left in land fill, or worse, our oceans. Scientist believe 8 million tons of plastic enter waterways across the world annually. Slowly the plastic degrades into small pellets which often ends up being ingested by many sea animals.  

Recycle, Reclaim, Repurpose
Here at Nakie we want to be part of the solution. We are using recycle bottles to create our hammocks. Each double hammock consists of approximately 37 recycled plastic bottles. This not only gives these bottles a new life but helps remove them from land fill and hopefully decreases the amount of plastic we are seeing in our waterways. Plastic in land fill takes on average 400 years to break down. 

Another benefit of recycling plastic is that is significantly reduces the amount of energy and raw materials required to create our hammocks. This essentially results in lowered CO2 emissions and reduces our carbon footprint.

So far we have have saved 338,106 bottles for land fill and entering our waterways. We know we will only touch the surface, but we want to challenge each and every one of you to make a conscious decision when deciding what you buy and how you live. We truly believe it is our responsibility to preserve this world for future generations.